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Wildboar Hunt (Highseat & Stalking Hunt)

This hunting method is a very successful way for single or group of hunters. In each year by applying this method our hunter guests have success rates between 100% and 1 50% and they have been hunted several Tuskers between 22 - 31 cm. Hunting areas have excellent capacity and food possibilities for wildboars.

That's why we feed the wildboars near the water fuddles and the paths where our wellmade highseats are situated. Generally this method is done by waiting on the highseat and additionally stalking with professional guides till the end of the hunting night. Also guiding is made by 1 : 1 base. The hunting dates of this method will be at the moonlight periods of each month and the best period of highseat & stalking hunt is between March and December. For our hunter guests we advise 5 days hunting for successful results.

WILDBOAR; We can very definitly inform you that the hunting areas of Turkey for wildboars where we operate our wildboar hunts are the top class areas of the world. Because of the local muslems don't eat wildboar meat, there is a big quantity of wildboars in hunting areas. This reason also lets the wildboars become very old and to have big trophies with long and thick tusks. So whenever a big game hunter looks for the Quality of trophy wildboars then Turkey is the right country for this request.

The natural shape of wildboar areas are covered with oak, pine and juniper forests and the landscape is hilly mountains divided with soft valleys. Our professional hunting life is well experienced by hunting with more than 1000 wildboar hunter guests from worldwide. Every year we add new regions to the regular wildboar areas. At the moment, we operate our hunts in around 1.000.000 hectars largeness of areas. Our hunter guests have been hunted several tuskers between 22 - 31 cm trophy wildboars and the weight of these boars is changing between 200 - 375 kg.

MIDDLE ANATOLIAN REGION; We organize wildboar hunts with two different ways in 3 different regions. These ways of wildboar hunting are highseat fit stalking hunt and driven hunt. The 3 different regions are located in Middle Anatolian Region and Middle Blacksea Region. In this region hunting areas altitude is between 1000 - 1400 meters and vegetation in this area is covered with wheat fields, corn fields, beet fields and chickpea fields which wildboars like too much.Totally these areas are around 800.000 hectars largeness. In these areas we provide accomodation in hunting hotels. Especially in one of the new area we provide accomodation in a 3 or 4 star luxury hotel with swimming pool, sauna and turkish bath. The distance is around 200 km from Antalya and Konya airports and it takes 3 hours by car. You can hunt for top class trophies. In these areas the sizes are between 22 - 31 cm.

BLACKSEA REGION; Middle Blacksea Region hunting areas altitude is between 1000 - 1500 meters. Vegetation in this area is covered with wheat fields, corn fields and rice fields. The area is around 400.000 hectars mini-mum. Accomodation is provided in hunting hotels in this area. The distance from Ankara,Samsun,Sivas airports is between 150 350 km. These areas also consist big numbers of wildboars with very good trophies.