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Anatolian Bezoar Ibex

As the hunting symbol of Turkey, Bezoar Ibex live in the high grounds of the Taurus Mountains between 1000 - 2500 meters from the sea level. Natural structure of Taurus Mountains is rocky and it is cool. The weight of Bezoar Ibex is around 70 kg. It is known that Bezoar Ibex live nearly 15 years and the average trophy size is between 100 -140 centimeters. Also it is very possible to have trophies up to 145 cm. The hunting period is between August 1 to December 31 and January 1 to March 30.

For providing tailor cut service, our professional guiding team start to make field preperations and prespotting the right trophy Ibex prior time to the arrival of the hunter guests.

We advice to hunter guests minimum 5 hunting days for Bezoar Ibex. Guiding is made by self 1 : 1 base and hunting method is done by spot and stalk method with professional guides from the beginning till the end. For each hunter there will be our team of 4 persons who will accompany your hunt. These staffs consist of professional hunting guides, equipment carrier, drivers and other staff. Up to the hunting dates and the weather conditions, accomodation will be provided in hunting lodges, hotels or fly camps.

Together with the new hunting areas there are ten different Bezoar Ibex hunting areas. These hunting areas are divided into three parts as the Western Taurus hunting areas, the Eastern hunting areas and the North Eastern hunting areas.

THE EASTERN TAURUS HUNTING AREAS; The Eastern Taurus Hunting Areas have excellent situation where the top class trophies were bagged in last years. The distance is between 150 -300 km to Adana airport and the altitude is between 1500 - 2600 m. Totally we operate Ibex hunt in 6 independent regions in the Eastern Taurus Hunting Areas. We choose the right hunting region for our guests with our professional hunters preliminary area controls. Until a different information is given to you by us, the arrival and the departure points and customs clearence will be in Adana airport.

THE WESTERN TAURUS HUNTING AREAS; The Western Taurus Hunting Areas are wide enough and as it is well known we have very successful hunting operations in these areas. The distance is between 50-280 km from Antalya to the hunting area. The arrival and departure points will be in Antalya airport and / or Konya airport. It is very possible to have holiday and hunting combinations just like in the other areas.

NORTH EASTERN HUNTING AREAS; The North Eastern Hunting Areas are located on the east point of Eastern Blacksea Region in Turkey. The altitude of these areas is changing between 1600 - 2500 meters. This area is recently opened for Bezoar Ibex hunts. Thats why it is very possible to have top class trophies in these areas. The distance is between 150 - 300 km from Erzurum or Trabzon airports to North Eastern Hunting Areas.